Monday, March 29, 2010


My neighbor, the crazy dog lady, loaned me her mower tonight. I was able to do all of her lawn and most of mine. It was about 40 minutes of pure instant gratification. I am sure I will be completely skinnier in the morning. I might not have done any intentional movement tonight had it not been for the loan. I had a very hard day at work and felt physically and emotionally exhausted. At one point today I had emailed Garet and told him I felt like crying - he responded in the appropriate sweet boyfriend way - good sign. Now I only have two things left on my list - feed the fish and try to figure out why the giant peace lily is dying, and then I am going to bed, like a normal person, before 11:00 probably. I hope I don't wake up at 2 or 3. I did have nightmares and frustration dreams last night and I am a little anxious about that because of the hard day at work, but I hope the physical exhaustion will overcome the anxiety.

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