Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm not the only one:

FB message from Shelley, who is Michael's classical cello teacher and also a yoga teacher. She is doing a class for musicians at IU and asked hime to come tonight. She wrote.

Shelley March 7 at 10:32pm
FYI: You have the coolest son in the world!!! He came all the way to yoga tonight, in the rain!!! And seemed to integrate the session extremely well. He's a natural...and so awesome..

So if y'all think I am just the bragging mama all the time, there is more proof. I even offered to drive him, but he preferred to ride his bike in the rain. Ugh.

He really should have gone to his dad's this weekend, but stayed here instead and I am so glad. we had our wonderful walk yesterday and he came and hugged me tonight and told me he had a wonderful weekend. It's great to hear. I worry so much about him sometimes.

I went shopping today for some necessities and got HYPMOTIZED. I didn't buy anything silly, just more of the necessities than is probably prudent right now - should have waited until pay day kind of thing. As a mom of a tall skinny, though, when you see a pair of 30x34 jeans that don't cost $40, you jump on it. Also I got off brand "hiking sandals" at the evil empire. I watched for them all last year and NO store had fake ones. Michael and I had just talked about it yesterday during our walk and I had almost resigned myself to the I am going to have to spend $85 on the real ones. Part of my walking problem is that no matter what socks I wear my feet get irritated and I feel like my socks are wadding up in my shoes even if they are not. I want to see if wearing "hikers" designed to be worn without socks will help stop that problem. Much better to start out with a $15 pair than an $85 pair. I had even thought to do the thing where you try them on in the store and then people have told me there are web sites where you can buy seconds online for about half the price and I was going to try that. (What a horrible run-on sentence Sheesh!). I'll let y'all know when I get some serious walking in them. I will probably start wearing them all over the house first!

Well I have some more things on the list, of course. It does feel good to write more again. I will definitely check in by Tuesday evening!

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