Sunday, March 21, 2010


I had really detailed and interesting dreams of Grandpa Holt last night (my mother's father). I didn't know him really well in real life. They had already moved to Arizona when I was a small child and I only saw them occasionally when they came to visit Indiana. He must have died over 30 years ago. In the dream he was still alive and was interacting with Michael and Chris (my brother) and I like it was current. Very strange. He was very long and lanky and sometimes Michael reminds me of him physically, although Ed's side of the family also has tall and lanky in it. I just thought it strange and wanted to mention it. So there. I just added the pic. Here he is with all his grandchildren and great grandchildren who were in attendance at this party. Of course, he is the old man seated in the chair. I was the youngest grandchild until Heather came along and she was not born yet when this was taken. All the children younger than I was are great grandchildren. The upper left corner man in glasses is my oldest brother Bobby, holding his son, Spencer. Standing to the right of Grandpa looking to the side is my other brother, Chris.

Headache is back. I went straight to prescription drugs today.

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Anonymous said...

It was about 25 years ago. I remember leaving school when I was at Klondike to go to Grandpas funeral.