Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahhhh vacation

Last night I baked a butterscotch cheesecake. Today I went down to the Bedford office where my fellow coworkers now work. Keri bought pizza and we all had lunch together. It was so nice to see each other in person again. Garet walked through the office a couple of times and it was fun to see him and know we are going out tomorrow. He called me later to confirm and said he had a piece of the cheesecake and really liked it. It's much nicer to have a man I can cook for. Part of the deal with the "non-boyfriend" was that I would not cook for him. It was too much like playing house and if we did not plan to develop a permanent relationship, a part of my life that was too meaningful to share. It sounds crazy, but it is true AND it was really hard to follow that rule.

We went over to some friends' house tonight and had weenie roast and talk and another couple and all their children were there. I tolerated all the children well because all the parents were relaxed and let the kids PLAY and have fun and nobody was stressing out so I was able to relax too. It was very enjoyable and they want to do it more throughout the summer and I hope we can participate even though they are much younger than we are and are all MORMONS. They are nice anyway! :) You all know I don't have any quarrel with the people of the church and love them all, well probably not all, but the normal amount! haha!

It's after midnight and even though I am on vacation I am trying to get/keep my body clock in order so I need to go try to settle in. We have eye dr. appts. in the am and then Michael will be working on Science Olympiad all day. I plan to housework, yard work, maybe work at Bike Project and who knows what else? Then we're going out early because we are going to see a movie. So ta ta for now.


Quilt or Dye said...

I hadn't caught any of your blogs recently and was wondering about you. Last I remember reading you were not feeling well. Hope that is better.

Enjoy your vacation!

Hope said...

I am feeling better. Still very chronic sinus stuff - so having at least a mild faceache/ headache most of the time. Often it is annoying and not painful. I am trying to learn to take medicine when it gets painful and not try to "tough it out" until it becomes unbearable and debilitating. I don't know why I try to be Superwoman and think I should be able to stand it all. I hope once the weather settles it will be over. It has been literally MONTHS of this annoyance/ pain and I am very tired of it.