Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It was supposed to be the first "family Dinner" with Garet here, but Michael went and got a date for himself! Hippie Boy has a date! He asked a girl from orchestra to go to a cello recital with him. So Garet is still going to come up after work and we will do something until Michael's date is over and then go give her a ride home. Bedford is only 20 - 25 minutes away, but with work schedules, a couple of illnesses/ headaches and Michael activities and blah, blah, blah, sometimes it seems like it might as well be two hours. Thank goodness for telephone and emails! Normally I don't like to text message and don't even really have a text message plan, but that has been useful too, to communicate during work hours. More fun than using our respective work emails and worrying about the IT guys.

Michael is going to Ed's this weekend and Garet doesn't have anything to shoot until Saturday afternoon, so we ought to be able to spend a decent amount of time together. We are both looking forward to it. Pretty soon people through both of the newspapers will figure it out. A selected few know from when I did my research, but I have said his name a couple of times talking about things we have done and then today I mentioned that he's a photographer. I'm pretty sure Shawn will figure it out because he has worked in the Bedford office and knows everybody pretty well. Once Shawn says something, everybody will know, and Shawn WILL say something. Most of the time Shawn treats me with indifference because of his dislike for me, but every once in a while he will become involved in a conversation in which I am included. I am just hoping he stays indifferent to the "new boyfriend" talk and "how was your weekend" stuff a little longer.

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