Sunday, March 14, 2010

FUNG SHWAY (Feng Shui) & more

I have been working on my room a lot this weekend. I decided with my insomnia problems I have let it get too out of hand. It is never really completely messy or dirty, just cluttery with a pile here or there and too dusty. Also, I have always stored things under the bed (gift wrap) and that is supposed to be bad Feng Shui. I am to the final point today. Everything that is left to find a home is on the bed and will be placed tonight. I have vacuumed even under the bed and dusted the tops of all the furniture. I still have some cobwebs to knock down and maybe a few nit-pickity things to do. I may wait a little more on the cobwebs because of the wowser of a headache I had today. Vacuuming is probably bad enough for it.

I am having pangs of missing Emily something terrible. I called her to see if we could come visit and it turns out she and Scott are up at his parent's house in Michigan. His mother invited us to come. Michael and I decided that with the extra distance, however, we can't afford the money or time, because Michael wants to work more to be ready for State Science Olympiad next weekend. They really want to win state and get to Nationals again. He would do it if I were insistent, and earlier today I was practically crying for missing Emily so much. We'll figure something out, though so I can see her soon. I guess I just have to get used to this empty nest idea. Emily's already gone and if Michael goes to school out of state which is highly likely, my life will be very different! I know I will keep busy and enjoy many aspects of it, but I will miss my children so much!

My weight is trending down again. I want to get back to the 180s soon. I had promised myself so much when I went UNDER 180, a massage, and to measure my waist again. It is very obvious to me that when that 10 pounds came back on it came right to my belly. Clothes that I had had altered to fit the smaller waist are now tight and leave marks when I wear them. OUCH. I got rid of most of the elastic waists, however and I am NOT going to go buy bigger stuff again. So it's owie clothes and muffin top until I get this back under control. I HATE Metabolic Syndrome and my fat belly! Blech.

I am going to reward myself when I get under 190 again, even though I did it before. It is even harder this time and I deserve a reward even more. I don't know what it will be yet. I need to think of something self-care. but not as expensive as a massage. Maybe a pedicure. I am supposed to take good care of my feet anyway.

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Kim said...

A pedicure sounds great. And something pink : )