Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trying Day

Court Date with Ed about Child Support. I have no fight about reducing support because Emily is graduated and out of the house, but it was still terrible, emotional and somewhat confrontational. I don't even really care to write about it in detail. Sufficeth to say we both have issues that were not addressed at this hearing We were instructed that we have to file separate petitions to have those issues addressed if we cannot come to a mutual agreement upon them. In our county they will not schedule a hearing before a judge unless you attend mediation first. The last time we went to mediation, over ten years ago, it was $150 an hour. I am sure it is more than that now and I just lost over $200 a month income. I am more scared than ever of losing my house and everything.

I may have to take in a boarder whom I actually make PAY to live here. I hate to do that. I like using my extra space as a pay it forward for the times I have been sheltered. Also, you know me - I have to find out the legal way to do it, and would probably end up losing money in the end having to pay extra taxes or something.

I did make some amazing squash soup that we are having for dinner tomorrow. Ben said he had a big poker pay out so I told him to bring steak. His answer was ambiguous so I will have some salmon at the ready, but the grill WILL be fired up. Guess what. I am going to go BUY bread to serve with dinner. I made the soup and some 100% whole wheat brownies. I figure even a baker needs to buy some bread every now and then - who am I kidding? I buy sliced sandwich bread all the time! Really I just ran out of time tonight - still haven't done all the dishes - and think this needs a nice crusty sourdough or baguette, not a quickbread.

Had first date coffee date (I had hot chocolate yum!) with Garet last night. We talked pretty non stop for an hour and half and he asked me out for Saturday this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

I think I will try the new footwear outside tomorrow if it is still warm and dry. I have been wearing it every night in the house and put in some movement time and so far, so good. My toes still feel like they have bandaids on them, but the bottoms of my feet feel good and not irritated and no blisters or sore spots.

Michael got a haircut today from Kemp. Kemp owns the building where Bike project uses space. I asked Kemp if it would bother him if I came and worked on the paint of the Bike Project garage door during business hours next week when I have days off. He is really excited. He doesn't like it looking trashy either and he'll buy the paint. I hope the weather stays dry and warm. I am a fair weather painter. I can't do it during Bike Project hours because the door is always open. I may end up doing a lot of it alone because Michael will be getting ready for State Science Olympiad, but it will give me motivation to get out of bed, get dressed each day and get out of the house.

Because of my transcendental, almost magical experience with getting the computer I blieve even more in the power of positive thinking. I purchased a ring (no more ring purchases! :( )
engraved inside "imagine, believe, receive" I wish it also said "achieve" but I can always know in my head that achieve is part of the entire picture or part of receive for me.

After midnight. Back to work in seven and a half hours!

Good night!


Deb said...

You have achieved, and will continue to do so in both small and in great ways.

And a goodnight to you, also. Sleep and dream well.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember, even if you charge a boarder $150-$200 a month, and don't charge them extra for anything else (electric, cable, ect.) you are saving them a TON of money, therefore, helping them out!