Thursday, December 31, 2009

Traditional Holiday Communication is compete!

Woohoo for me! I will probably even be able to get most of them mailed tomorrow so before the end of the year. Oops! Maybe that makes it NOT so traditional for me. It's pay day so I will be able to afford postage and everything.

I am glad it is another four day work week. I still feel tired. I came home from work and fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up about 9:00 and went over Michael's essay for the Rice application with him. He had asked for my input and I did it from an undisclosed location earlier today. When he said he wanted to talk about it tonight, however, all he really wanted to do was tell me how wrong my ideas for different wording were. I could never be a teacher, I think. Michael is a good writer yet his long, run-on sentences drove me crazy. What would I do if I had to grade really badly written papers all the time? I'd probably go nuts!

I am looking forward to the holiday weekend. It has a lot of possibilities including a family NYE party OR a go out with Debbie NYE party, some naps, some time to try new recipes, some time to clean and organize, some time to read, a possible visit to Mom and Dad, depending on weather, and maybe a date with my secret lover. ;)

No, I can't tell! It wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it?

Good night!

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Deb said...

In that case, no doubt I drive you out of your skin with my non-writing, abuse of semicolons, not to mention the occasional miss spelling, missed spelling and abuse of all things grammatical, no matter my draw toward the sounding of gramm for graham crackers because it's a kindergarten memory that I remember. Because I can; I do.

With light laughter and good new year thoughts...