Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So, yeah,. I should be in bed.

My goal was midnight, but I tend to always miss my bedtime goal by about an hour.

I didn't have to go anywhere or bake anything tonight! I left the last batch of dishes undone last night so I worked on those and I (sort of) sat and watched a movie - "Across the Universe" I really have liked it so far, but I didn't pay close enough attention. Hyper me. I also balanced the checkbook and looked at the internet and made my list of things to do and stuff. I think it is good enough that it deserves me starting again and seeing it better. There is some amazing video production and choreography in it.

I made a DEPOSIT to my business checking account today. Also my checks for it arrived. The next time I need to spend money I can actually use COMPANY money. Maybe eventually I will get to the point where the operating funds can come out of the business account and I will be able to start reimbursing myself for all the initial investments and start-up costs. Hahahahahaha! Yeah, sure. Although really I do have a lot of packaging already in inventory and some ingredients and cards and labels and that stuff. It seems like chocolate and butter are going to be the things I will have to constantly buy. The flour I bought in 25 pound lots will last quite a long time. I also found a bulk supplier for my white flour now that is unbleached. Previously all I could find was bleached and I don't really want to use that. I am glad to have a break for a few days, but I hope I get some orders for New Year's Eve parties. I need the moolah!

I'm happy, tired, and a little frustrated about the holidays and the family... It will all have to work out in the end, so there.

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