Saturday, December 5, 2009

A miracle has just ocurred!

I love the wasabe in the sauce cups. I am going to put these in Chinese take-out trays that I use for my cookies for delivery tomorrow. I have paper cups for the wasabe and paper wrapped chopsticks. I also want to cut some paper into that green "grass" stuff they always put in there.
The smaller style is almond pound cake inside. My God it was good.
The larger style is a recipe called "decadent chocolate cake" I think it only had half a cup of flour in it.
Here's the effect for photography tonight. For purists: I know those are Korean chopsticks, but they are pretty in pictures.

I actually completed a project before midnight!

I told Michael, "Maybe you will actually wake up to a clean kitchen in the morning." He replied, I'd rather wake up to a mother who has had a good night's' sleep." I did NOT have a nap today, so maybe that will help so quickly I will post the photos.

Must go try to be in bed soon.

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