Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baking too much

The piece de resistance - Chocolate mint cheesecake, decked out for Christmas.
The decor is fondant leaves - hand cut - and frosting berries.
Cookie fail! The new flour doesn't absorb as much moisture and the sugar cookies spread too much.
I was frustrated so I left the room aned forgot there were a few more cookies in the oven. Oops!

This is Fresh apple almond bread, a quick bread, deviated from the beer bread recipe. Vegan and no fat, except for the good fats that occur naturally in the almonds.

A nice crack in the bread.

Yummy textures.

I'm sick. I stayed home from work today. The stress and not enough sleep are killing me. I slept until after 1:30, then got up and felt better and did some stuff. I took Michael to cello lesson and slept more in the car, even though it was freezing. I slept deeply enough to be dreaming, but I had nightmares so it wasn't restful. Tonight I bagged up toffee and made Michael a dinner like a real mom.

Heather has been talking to me while I've been doing this. Mom and Dad can't travel down here for Christmas and I don't really want to go up there. I don't want to spend Christmas day in a messy, uncomfortable house where the TV is always on. I think the food is unsanitary and there is never anywhere to sit. I can tell she's already mad at me for saying I don't know if we're going. I thought Michael and I might just collect other strays and have a carry-in dinner where nobody has to do all the cooking and nobody will open presents and everybody will be equal and happy. Maybe we can go to Lafayette on Christmas Eve and do that here on Christmas day. I don't know. I wonder if the family would be satisfied with Christmas Eve. I am scheduled to be off work, and even if I do work we are closing early. I am getting selfish about holidays and about being at home, I think. I just am so freaking tired of driving all the time and then being frustrated with the situation while I am there. I end up feeling like it's all my fault and I should fix everything, but it is all unfixable.

Well it was supposed to be bed my midnightand I still have a load to take out of the dryer, medicine to take for tonight and intended to fill my pill case for the week so I can make sure to call the dr. tomorrow if I am going to need any refills before he runs away for the holidays.

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