Sunday, December 27, 2009

Being lazy

Too lazy to write a describe Christmas Day so I am copying a couple of things I posted on bulletin boards where we had already discussed Christmas plans and such.

Michael actually liked the belt and I cut the tags off so he wouldn't realize it was newly purchased. I also found a book written by his favorite crazy environmentalist activist at Goodwill and he started reading it on Christmas Day while I took my first nap. So while it was a slim Christmas it was a good one. I found two albums at Goodwill (99 cents each) and handed them to Michael and said - "here, you can give these to me for Christmas." He dutifully wrapped and presented and I LOVE that my eighteen year old labeled his gift "To Mommy." I wish I would have saved that tag!

I was reminded this season that I can enjoy the traditions and music and festivities whether or not I am a "believer" any longer. I love the Christmas season and despite some conflict with my family of origin this year over holiday celebration it has been lovely and enjoyable.

Today I am enjoying time alone, with even Michael gone. As I clean up and reflect on the time Michael and I shared with each other and with friends I feel peace that I made choices that were appropriate for myself and for Michael.

And from FaceBook on Christmas Day:

Watching "Reefer Madness" with Michael - family bonding while the dinner cooks!

Well I am baking a pecan pie, but it's all for us! Although I do have someone picking up an order for gingerbread cookies tomorrow morning. I need the money so badly I'm happy to do it!

All in all it was SO relaxing and just fine. My body and soul really needed that peaceful time. I could probably use a few more days of it.

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