Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well finally.

Eric came over and started doing the stuff to get the rooms ready for him and Eli. He decided Michael's room will be better for Eli so he started working in there. I was a little freaked out because there is stuff in there I haven't touched  - like fossils Michael found and science stuff. Eric was pretty cavalier about putting stuff in boxes to go to the garage. Michael called and said he was going to come over and I asked Eric to go ahead and hang the blind. I think he could tell I was freaking a little bit maybe because then he said he would Go away and let Michael sort some stuff. So Michael has been here tonight  and it has been nice. We've listened to some music and chatted and ate. I made some cookies for him to take back to share at Ghosthouse with the heroic roomates who took him to the hospital last week.

I've had a really relaxed day for the most part. I wish every day could be like this, only with maybe three hours of productive writing thrown in. I am looking forward to starting a new week and working more on getting my shot sorted out for this room to be ready for Eric to stay. I'm trying to figure out how I can blog daily or near daily without having to invade his space. I have a laptop that Ian (Heather's boyfriend) rescued from a dumpster for me. It's not fully functional, but I might be able to write to myself as emails and then actually post stuff to the blog once a week or something. We'll see.

Feeling really good to have spent this time with Michael and also resting today. I'm also tired from the sinus headache and now I took Sudafed and I need to go to sleep soon. 

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