Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Truman Show

Bloomington Playwrights Project did a musical adaptation of The Truman Show - remember the movie with Jim Carrey in what I think was his first non-comedy acting role? I liked the movie and I really liked the show tonight. I was really curious about how it could be adapted and was surprised and pleased at the result. The chorus had some great numbers and they all had little roles as the townspeople and such and they were great. One great thing about living in Bloomington is the quality of the performers because of IU. They even have an official Musical Theater major now. Of course it makes it difficult for us "regular people" to get roles in community productions, but it makes it fun to be in the audience! Afterward there was a talkback with the writers and I always love those.

I really wanted to go, but it's a short on cash weekend before payday. I made a post that I'd trade some goods if somebody would buy a ticket for me. Charis, whose kitty I had let live here some over the summer, bought a ticket for me. She had said way back then that she wanted to get a gift for me for letting Ms. Wrigley stay here, but I said no, so this was a nice surprise.

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