Saturday, February 16, 2013


Events this week have reminded me that I need to be grateful every day. Someone I know AND HER BOYFRIEND were hit by a bus. They are both in medically induced comas and nobody knows if they will have any life or brain activity until after their brain swelling goes down. Their (well hers, I don't know his) children, Emily and Michael's ages, have gone to be there, waiting. Then a meteor falls on Russia and over a thousand people are treated for all the breaking glass exploding on them ? What the heck? I read a novel about such a happening called "Lucifer's Hammer," Also there was a movie last year "Melancholia" about a family waiting for an event like that. I'm trying to be healthy in my eating and getting more movement, assuming it will lead to a longer and healthier life bit there is no guarantee. Ever.

Today was a grateful day, as far as that goes. I was awakened very early (5am) by a headache that needed medicating. I stayed up for several hours, but in my bed, playing on my mobile electronic device. (not that bad of a headache or I couldn't have looked at a screen, so there's the level). Jessica Sobiescki (not sure if there are enough consonants in there) posted on FB that she needed a sewing machine to complete a project. So even though I stayed in today, cooking and eating and resting the headache I had company for a while because Jessi Kalli, as she has called herself since her recent return from India, came over and finished her T-shirt quilt she is making for Justinian. I was able to chat with her and it felt so good. Having THINGS is better when I am able to share them and to use them to help other people. I recall that being one thing that I enjoyed about getting a house. Now I have had Macia, Deanna and children, Katie, Ben, Deb, Whryne, Heather...maybe some others that I don't recall! who have all stayed here at one time or another because of different situations. Some of those arrangements worked out perfectly, others ended not so well, but with any ending I am glad I had it to offer and share. Now I'm still waiting to see if Eric ever actually comes. I guess the custody thing with little son is taking some working out. Lawyers are good and bad sometimes!

So mellow tonight. Yeah. I'm going to go drink some more water which should help keep this head feeling better and play a little more.


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