Monday, February 18, 2013

Notes for the day...

It's raining and I hope the reason that I hear water running is because the roof is repaired, and the gutters are repaired and cleaned and not something bad..

I just swam 1000 meters for the first time for the last time. Get it?

I am going to meet a guy IRL from the internet date tomorrow night. He's been nice in messaging and on the phone a little bit, but he just called me "Hon" and I am already tired of telling him where I am. I think proving possibly, that I really am an unreasonable bitch. If he didn't care, I'd probably think he didn't really like me! :)

There's a Kitchen Aid mixer at an auction tomorrow and I am going to see how much money I have in both business and personal and try to get it, I think. Mike, the auctioneer, says it is in really good shape.

I will return and report on all of the above.

I should find my list of desirable qualities in a man and look at it again.

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