Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blogging Every day...

...that I want to! Well. it's a good thing I didn't really sign up for Blog 365 (if it still exists). So many blogs except the professional, commercial blogs have died. I guess I am just glad to have this place to come and write about myself and be all narcissistic and stuff! I imagine that people are reading and are either fascinated or horrified at my life! Maybe when I die someone can read uplifting posts from my blog or something. Hah! Amber started typing Bobby's journal into a blog and then stopped. It's not that it wasn't uplifting. It was just raw in some ways that were pretty personal to her at the time. Maybe it will continue when she really has dealt with all the being raised in a well, a different life than she is choosing as an adult. Yes, this is one time I sort of censored my blog writing because I wanted to use the word "cult" in there, but denied myself, except now I didn't! :)

Great weekend. Stayed home mostly, except for going to a play last night. The script was amazing, but one of the actors (NOT Ian, the guy I know) was so horrible it was distracting. I can't even believe she got a role and I can't believe that the visiting guest artist director couldn't do more with her, Ian was great, even though his character was an asshole!

Cooked all day today and it was great. 2 pounds of beans, most of them frozen for later, cornbread, cupcakes for soup day at work tomorrow. I enjoyed every moment of it. A long afternoon nap, even though I had weird dreams, as usual lately, okay for my whole life, really.

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