Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feb 13 12:02 am

So this is my test to see if I can type well enough on this decrepit, but free, laptop. So far, so good, but a little clumsy, A change in position might help that.

I was feeling really despairing a little bit ago. I'm really fed up with paperwork stuff and just can't keep on top of it. I sent a message to Jeff...okay I wanted to copy and paste FB conversation here and couldn't mnage that's one drawback,

In th end, it boiled down to I didn't feel supported, BUT I know in my heart that I cannot look to Jeff for that kind of support. He is somebody else's husband, and the relaionship we had thirty years ago is long past. Sad to lose that, even though I know life goes on.

I am also feeling terrible about not havin proper attire for th pool right now. I went online and ordered some bike short length bottoms that should correct my modesty and comfrt issues. My belly is really fat and my legs are thin. To get a suit to fit my fat belly leaves gaps in a very personal place, I cab't wait to get them. I may go so far as to wear my little swim skirt until I get the new ones, and even though I won't be able to keep it on when I swim laps I will feel better.

Okay, time to hit th sack. Love to my audience!

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