Thursday, December 1, 2011


I went to the lab this morning.. I didn't like the tech, but overall it was okay.

My big stress test is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm scared and nervous. Gillian volunteered to go with me for moral support. I LOVE GILLIAN! I always have to do this kind of stuff alone, no matter how scared I am. I have friends, but I always hate to ask them. I'm glad that sometimes they step in a volunteer or force me to let them come. For example when I had my last gut surgery Steph came and spent several hours in a hospital facility = NO SMOKING. That was a big deal for her. (No booze either, unless she sneaked it in!) That was one time when I was not the designated driver - probably the ONLY one!

It will be really ironic (but still sad) if I do have something wrong with my heart because on Thanksgiving I bragged to Vivek how my cholesterol was only 140 (really! it was!), and I eat saturated fats as long as they are natural ie: butter. BUT even though I eat butter now I grew up on Chiffon margarine and 40 years of hydrogenated oils probably can't be overcome in a few years.

Anyway... I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Gillian is doing this for me.

And... being optimistic that I won't die on the treadmill or be slapped in hospital for open heart surgery tomorrow Michael and I are going to hop in the car and drive first to Jennifer's and then Saturday to Emily's Squeee! It's been too long!

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Deb said...

And I so appreciate Gillian was there for you. Woulda been tough for me to grease my way there with all that leaf lard (not hydrogenated) still in my freezer.

Yes, now I can laugh that I know it went well. The universe smiles at good people.

Good people = Hopie.