Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little uptight...

I had a massage tonight. I swear I became more tense during my massage! I'm not sure what my deal was tonight. I am guessing it is because it wasn't until 7:30. I was tired because work was especially stressful today. I lay on the futon and slept for about an hour. Usually once I come home I just don't want to leave the house. When it was massage time I hadn't eaten, the temperature outside had dropped about 20 degrees and I was drowsy.

I had these great thoughts during the massage and even though I had trouble relaxing I thought of all the things going on to which I had been invited. There was a home feng shui workshop, and a "dancing in the shadow" workshop and probably three other events I can't recall.. In the past couple of years I have met so many wonderful, interesting and diverse people! I feel so honored to have these people in my life who provide so many opportunities. I am still a complete and total cynic, with trouble "believing" in all these methods and practices, BUT, and this is real... I am grateful to be exposed to them and to have the chance to try them and reject them fairly if I choose. When I am with Christine, my revered and adored Counselor, Life Coach and friend, she builds into my EFT "This stuff is crazy. It's hocus pocus," and other skeptical phrases to acknowledge my feelings. It still amazes me when I think it "works" and I am given some clarity of thought and relief from pain or fear. Probably during my massage, which in a sense was a "failure" tonight, that was my most freeing thought.

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Quilt or Dye said...

Yep, these days I get regular polarity massages and listen to hyno tapes and drink Zija and I am not sure that I believe in any of it. But for whatever reason I am feeling better so I will continue my superstitious behavior.