Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am intimidating.

A couple of weeks ago I went and rode the stationary bike in the morning. Somebody asked my why I don't swim in the morning. I said I felt intimidated by the people who go swim in the morning. Later I realized that if I just make it into the pool that I will be one of the people who go swim in the morning. Yesterday I had a TERRIBLE foot pain day. I hurt no matter what I did. Through the course of the day I decided I would take an epsom salts bath that night and go to the pool this morning, even if all I did was get in a tread water. I felt like the cool water in the morning would help me have less foot pain day. I packed my bag last night, I got up this morning (a little late) I made it to the Y and into the water. I swam 500 meters, mostly because of the time constraint.

Tomorrow I am not going into work until 9:00. I am deciding to let whimsy be my decision maker tomorrow. It sounds insane, but I cannot make a goal to go work out every day, because it is too tempting to get into the perfectionist state of mind and then if I miss one day it will take me a few... MONTHS to go again! Sigh...


Kim Anderson said...

I am proud of you for getting in the water...and I love you.

Hope said...

Thanks, the love is mutual.