Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It'll be just like... Starting over...

There's the Billy Boy! He has grown and changed so much over the past year. He speaks very well now, he's not shy, he's SO stinking beautiful! I loved seeing Jen as a mom again. Mom's are everywhere. Lisa had the babies Sunday night. Chloe and Zoe. Everybody is healthy, but tired.

I went to Christine tonight and it was good. I'm still scared, but I'm trying to overcome it. I keep reminding myself to be motivated by love and joy, not guilt, fear or shame.

So to that effect, tomorrow morning I am going to exercise before work once again. Preferably at the Y, but if that is too difficult at home is fine. At home is approximately a million times better than not at all! Working out will bring me the joy of health!

So I am going to end abruptly to make sure my clothes are ready for work tomorrow and all that.


Deb said...

Out of the loop, but wishing you all good things.

Love, Deb

Hope said...

Oh my! I just reread that post and I put an apostrophe in a plural! It's a typo, I KNOW it doesn't go there. I am a terrible typist. Please Gods of punctuation, forgive me.

Thanks for the good wishes, Deb. Back atcha!

Deb said...

Dear Hope,

Through our generosity of understanding, you are forgiven. It is recognized as a typographical error. We only ask you not succumb to the dark side and poor habits of your online friend, Deborah.

With admiration and respect,

God's of punctuation


We Gods now fully understand how that happened.