Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday is a special day...

It's the day the cardiologist declared me wonderful and my heart function "perfect."

I'm very glad for modern medicine so I won't worry anymore! Maybe it's a little kick in the butt to keep me going on my exercise and working on the remainder of my diet! The high fiber is paying off. The cardiologist didn't give me my full lab results, but the only thing that was high before was my triglycerides and they have dropped over 100 points. Ha! Butter for the win! More reinforcement that natural foods win over supposedly "healthy" fake fats.

Michael and I will leave for Emily's house soon. We're stopping in Lowell to see Jen tonight and Jen and Billy the Kid tomorrow. Yay! It's been a year since we've seen them. They have a permanent legal family now, another year of fun and a new house, and a new job soon. Lots of exciting stuff. Now I can show pictures of Billy as long as Jen agrees! When you see those beautiful eyes you will fall in love - oh and Billy is pretty cute, too!

I plan to work on booties for Lisa's baby girls this weekend. They should be here by the 16th. I voted for Michael's original due date on the twelfth. and the first baby at 3:44 so it will be 12, 3:45.

Tata for now!


Deb said...

Healthy fake: nuff said!

...but then, this from someone who makes her own ketchup/catsup for not wanting it filled with corn syrup or anything sugar-fied.

Proud to be strange, and to be a hoarder of organic turkeys on the cheap at Costco during the holidays.

Go Birds. So There! ;)

Quilt or Dye said...

Glad you are okay! And that you have good friends! And that you have your children close! Your life, while not perfect, is certainly good. I am happy for you.