Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lost a night...

It slip-slided away.

Tonight I am ever so grateful for Eric! I am angry with Michael. I bought a real Christmas tree to please him, then he felt it more important to go to a meeting, rather than stay here and help me. I was really frustrated, upset, and angry. The damn tree needed to be put up so it could have water tonight. It was too awkward and too crooked and I called Eric, crying and he came over and basically did it by himself ( I had chocolates to complete making for a gift basket.) It is super meaningful, because Christmas is an extremely difficult time for him. His mother died a tragic death one year right after Christmas and his beloved Ma-Maw died the next year. I love that he was willing to come over and help me. I should say that I know Michael loves me, but he is still young and often thoughtless in his ways.

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