Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"My religion is loving people."

from Mrs. Q's blog "Fed Up with lunch: The School lunch project."

I wish that were true for everybody. I'm fed up with the religions of conformity, obedience, judgment and hatred, disguised as love.

My friend Jen got a baby - a two year old boy named Billy. I can't wait to meet him. I may have to head up north sooner than I thought. Emily has invited Michael and me up for Thanksgiving and I just couldn't see how I could work it out. Jen's birthday is also around that time so maybe we need to do some serious getting a child/birthday party celebrating! He's a foster right now and I hope it works out. I know she'll be a great mom!

It's well after midnight and I am still stinky from Bollywood dancefit so I need to get my butt in the shower and get to bed.

Last month my exercise goal was 500 minutes and I did 748. This month the goal is 600. I think I've started to lose weight again, but my leg is so full of fluid that I haven't weighed myself. I know it will be heavier and I don't want to be upset about it. I am working out the kinks so I can use the rest of my flexible spending money and get to the M.D. It's been since May. I am on TWO kinds of diuretics and my leg is still swelling often. I actually think he meant to substitute one for the other, but I have continued taking both. I get occasional cramping, but not too badly. They have a lower carb Gatorade now that still has the electrolytes so I have been keeping that on hand, plus bananas, plus tomatoes so I think I am keeping my electrolytes in balance okay. I have a goal to get to the dr. before the end of November.

Okay, off to shower.

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