Sunday, October 31, 2010

Assorted topics - just like life.

I went to bed nice and early last night, but awakened about 9:00 with a TERRIBLE headache. I took a lot of medicine and went back to bed until about 11:00. Then I had to get up and eat and hope I didn't throw up. I made it okay. I still stayed completely in the house today except for about two minutes of walking outside to help Breshaun put the fish in her car. Yep. I am now pet free. I decided that I am tired of taking care of even a FISH! Jonas, Breshaun's five year old son wants a puppy or kitten and she mentioned that she wanted him to start out with something small so I offered the fish. I'm glad to give it to someone who really wants it.

I discovered a new TV show that I have been watching on HULU - "Kitchen Nightmares." They feature a different restaurant that is in crisis in each episode. Chef Gordon Ramsey goes in for a week and makes changes to save them. Day one he goes in and eats lunch and then observes dinner. Day two he inspects the kitchen for cleanliness and quality of supplies. Day three the restaurant usually gets a makeover and new menu . Then there is some kind of promotion and a "relaunch." Then a dinner service where the new menu and the servers and cooks are put to the test.

I have learned a few things I need to keep in mind if I keep dreaming of "The Broken Yolk Cafe."
Beautiful (food and decor)
Efficient (cooking are service)
Correct portions
I am sure I will learn more if I continue watching.

I wrote Ben an email today title "Website"


I just checked and there is still nothing there from you.

As far as I am concerned I own the work that you did on the website in exchange for the time that you stayed here and were provided room and board that was supposed to be in exchange for the website building.

If you load the code on a disc or other portable medium and deliver it to me either in person or by mail by Nov. 7 we can consider that debt settled. I will still be out a lot of money because I will have to pay someone with the technical skill to load it onto the site and to complete whatever portion has not been finished. The business is already active again and I have had two sales since the original deadline has passed. I have not been able to provide information to my customers through the website as I had planned. I plan to be very active through the holidays and need to have the website operational NOW.

Please call or email if you have any questions. If you don't recall, the mailing address is ....


I also changed the password so he can't get into the website and do anything.

I am pissed about the website (or lack thereof), but I am sad about the breakdown of what began as a good relationship. I can't believe something so fucked up happened. I guess I should because that is a pattern in my life. One therapist helped me discover the word for what I feel happens to me and that word is "betrayal." Sigh... I guess I just learn and grow from here.

My head still hurts and I know that even if the pain is gone tomorrow I am going to have that "headache hangover." I am going to take one more dose of painkillers and some tranquilizers so I will go to sleep quickly. I'm off to bed.

Oh - I hope I blog again tomorrow and I have some things to write about making lists.

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Deb said...

I may be 'NOT afraid to contront', but as well I'm unafraid to look for the positive. And so I'll turn the positive energy of my hopefulness back your way--to applaud your proactive stance in changing the password, asserting to Ben it is indeed your creative material at this point, as you continue forward.

Whatever his story, it must not be a good one. But enough about him: here's to things going forward for you. And to the karma you'll receive for giving away fishies rather than flushing them.