Saturday, October 16, 2010

Copy of post to my FB women's Group:

Yes, but see now he has to spend all his time looking for an apartment so it's all my fault the website won't be ready in time. :) If you look at his blog where he had been posting how he is building the website you can see that on top of the entry about the evolution of the website are all his football picks....Hmmmm - no time to work on the website, but time to play poker online, watch TV, Make complicated football picks, and I am not sure, but I think real gambling on football games - oh and time and money to go to the bar and have a few beers with his friends while he watches the games. I suspect Ben is not just a problem drinker, but a problem gambler also. It is FACT that his plan prior to becoming homeless was to move to Vegas and try to play professional poker. I think he never got the means to make the trip....

The chopsticks are off the table. I think the post I made about it with the picture might have shown up on the regular news feed because I posted it on the wall and not as a discussion...I think you just have to be one of our friends, and not a member of the group to see those posts, but I am not sure. If that is true, I am sure HE thinks I am the one being passive-aggressive, but I really just meant to share it with you guys.

The women at work are telling me that I should kick him out THIS weekend, that he has no intention of ever completing the website, that he is going to string me along as long as possible, etc... The one time a few weeks ago when he WAS completely unreasonable and mean (while drunk) the next morning when we talked about it he said one of his biggest fears was that if I got angry with him I would just kick him out with no warning. I promised him at that time that I would never do that unless I were afraid of him, in which case I would call the Sheriff and have him arrested. I feel a moral obligation to stick to that promise... chopsticks on the table and pans on the stove are a pain in the ass, but not violent or frightening. The other women, however, feel that when he said that he was supplying himself with a manipulation technique to use in the future and I've been suckered by it.

I am finding myself in the position of abused woman again - where I almost wish he WOULD do something violent or aggressive so I would have the excuse to kick him out immediately. I'd have Michael and Pat and Eric and Joey and Seth (BIG Seth) come and stand with me and help Ben carry out his stuff. I could probably get some of the lovable rednecks from work to come too if needed.

I hate this. I hate drama. I want a freaking BORING life.


With the timing you are expecting me to leave the house, I must first focus full-time on finding a new place to live. When that is settled, I will be happy to focus on the website. You should plan your party accordingly. There is an outside chance it could be finished by then but it's not probable at this point. I appreciate the opportunity to show it off to your friends, but it is going to be a full-time job just to get an apt. set up. Finding part or full-time employment is also part of this scenario. If you'd like to show off the website "look" from my blog, that could still be a nice teaser for the party. I assure you I have every intention to finish it up as soon as possible.

As far as a moveout date is concerned, I'm trying to make the arrangements to move as quickly as possible. I have a few inquiries out and I'm spending time biking around and calling numbers, looking at sublet postings online, etc. So, the answer currently is "not sure when", but the Waldos can and will take me back if I can't arrange something by your 30-day moveout period (by Nov. 23). I agree to your $50/wk offer and I can arrange to have $50 available for you next weekend. I'll do my best to be sensitive to your needs as the party arrives.


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