Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back on Track report again.

A reminder again because it has been while:

1) Learn to balance my goals of movement with learning to listen to my body and STOP when the pain says to stop.

2) Get compulsive eating habits under control and eat more whole foods

3) Develop relationships with balance between helping my friends and family, yet meeting my own needs and requesting and accepting help to do so when necessary.

4) Read more books again

5) Begin to write daily again - even a short minimum

6) Get finances under control and set priorities with specific goals to manage them.

7) Maintain the house, car and gardens at an acceptable level without harming my physical health - require Michael's help to do so.

8) Make a decision about the business and then either do it or DON'T do it.

9) Cleanse my life of unnecessary physical objects - keep only what is treasured, valued, honored, loved and used.

10) Get my social life back to a comfortable point, including hosting parties and other gatherings.

1) I think I am getting pretty good at this. I still have guilt feelings if I plan on a dance class or activity and then skip it, but I am trying to remember that in the long run it will keep me healthier by NOT increasing the frequency or intensity of my headaches and by helping me to NOT injure myself because I tried to dance or walk when I was too tired. I miss the swimming, but I can't afford the YMCA and the dance studio both. If I had access to a pool I could swim or kick or tread water when foot pain is the barrier. I don't see a way to manage both options financially, however.

2) Still working on this. It was a little easier when Ben and I were kind of taking turns cooking AND the garden was ripening all at the same time. Now we are a little at odds and doing our own foods, mostly. I don't like cooking for one and I don't like eating leftovers very much. I am more tempted to eat out than ever and I tend to NOT choose healthy foods if I do. I need to find some good solutions and habits for this. I have been reading lots of articles on the to get some ideas.

3) I think I am getting much better on this. It took TWO doctors putting a moratorium on my visits to Lafayette for about six weeks before the muscle spasms/neck pain/ headaches started to clear up. I still feel sometimes that my emotional difficulties or stress are causing physical symptoms. The more I learn to balance however, the less I notice it. I also think the stretching associated with the dance classes has helped the muscle spasms.

4) I have been reading some more! Strangely I have read several non-fiction books in a row, which is not my norm. I have enjoyed them, however and am glad to have made those choices.

5) I still don't write daily. I am thinking of participating in National Novel Writing month in November. I am afraid of it though. The memoirs are tough to write emotionally (and I guess they are not really a novel). The novel is SO barely started that it seems overwhelming. Maybe a goal like that will help. The every day thing kind of scares me a little bit too. I am trying to get away from perfectionist, all-or-nothing thinking and a "so many words a day" goal seems like it would feed that part of me I am trying to heal!

6) Actually doing better at this, even while helping Michael get set up for the dorms and stuff like that. I still have to fight compulsive spending on cheap shit or good "bargains." I watch another episode of "Hoarders" to scare myself out of purchases!

7) House is pretty good. I desperately need to finish a couple of projects that have been partially completed for WAY too long. I also need to get the garage ready for parking the car so I don't have to scrape windows. Michael is going to have to come home and arrange bikes and parts to accomplish this. I am going to call the guy who gave me an estimate on installing the new sink and lights in my bathroom and ask him if he can do it on the 22nd. Then I will be FORCED to complete the floor by then.

8) Business decision was YES. I have a fall sale planned Oct. 23rd. It's supposed to also be a website launch party, but I am discouraged about the website being complete by then. I have some new associations through the dance studio, however and that could add to my potential customer base.

9) Still purging! I have taken a lot of stuff out or given away on Freecycle. I have another box filling up right now. It's kind of hard for me. I actually have empty shelf space on my bookshelves and I think I could spend some winter hours in there organizing and labeling and be content!

10) Have been going out some, mostly to karaoke, went out to dinner with a friend from work on Monday. I also have the website launch party planned and announced for the 23rd. Although it's a combination of business and pleasure I am still happy with the plan.

So getting better every day, every week, every month. Now a cure for the restlessness and insomnia would be lovely.

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