Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger, I am.

I hate it that so many people have quit blogging and use only Facebook instead. I've griped about it before. I think I wrote a poem about it, if I recall correctly. Here I am, however, one of them. I have played on FB nightly and ignored my blog, even though one of my "Back on Track" goals is to begin to write regularly again!

Life is busy, but that's just an excuse.

I had an "Open House/Sale/Website Launch Party" Saturday. There is no website to be launched, however. Ben still has not put anything up. I gave him until the 30th for final completion, so will see what happens. I don't know how much recourse I would have to recoup my financial losses. We only had a verbal agreement to begin. I do have some emails in which he acknowledged his part of the bargain. It wouldn't do any good to take him to small claims anyway. He doesn't have any money. I just want my website!!! I made a few sales at the party, but I haven't added up receipts on the expenditure yet. I think I will still come up at a loss, but I did gain a couple of new customers from the dance studio.

I also think I have a catering gig at the dance studio this weekend (Annual Showcase extravaganza!) where I should rake in some bucks. I bought 225 nacho trays for less than $5.00. Each tray gets a small bunch of grapes, a pretty strawberry, five small slices of cheese, 5 crackers, a homemade brownie and a mint. Selling price is $3.00. They will be prepared ahead of time, plastic wrapped, labeled with the Brownie ingredients and Hope's Homemades information and sold during intermission. It is probably another time when I will not make enough money to actually pay myself for labor BUT they are selling 100 tickets to each show. If half the people buy at each show and see the name.....there you go! Sandy and Scott are really into supporting local businesses and start-ups and they seem excited about it. Happy.

My feet are really swollen today. I chose belly dance over Zumba because you belly dance barefoot. Tomorrow is Bollywood and I really don't want to miss it. If my feet are still so bad I will have to try it in socks and just be careful not to slip. I also am not sure if I will be able to go because my friend Tim is installing my sink and he needs me here. So unless I can get someone else to come help with the sink (and Michael has his cello lesson), I may not make it back to the studio by 6:00. I haven't added up my exercise minutes for the month, but the goal is 700 and it's getting pretty close to the end of the month! Ahhhh!

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Kim said...

3.00 seems awfully cheap. I think you are underselling yourself, Hopie.