Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted for two weeks. That is probably a record. I feel kind of guilty about it. Life has been a mixture of confusing, upsetting, busy and fun. Work is stressful. The relationship with the one guy has become more adversarial and very upsetting. Home is okay. Michael still doesn't have a job, doesn't seem to be looking very hard, yet doesn't help with household stuff when he is home all day. I am frustrated with that. He does nice things, however, like tonight telling me what a good mom I am and how much he appreciates all the hard work I do for our family. Fun is fun - that's mostly with Garet. We have gone to see a band, gone to the Fun frolic, done yoga class a couple of times, seen a couple of movies...etc. I am trying to learn to relax more so I have done some more reading again. I need to choose a new book to start tonight. That will be nice. Gardening is good. It seemed like it took us forever to get everything planted this year. We haven't done all the weeding I would like to so it isn't as pretty and well kept as I would like. I like organized and meticulously kept gardens and mine certainly doesn't qualify for those descriptors this year. I think we will have a good harvest however. I will be able to eat as many grape tomatoes as I want, that's for sure! I haven't gotten into weeding, probably because much of the time that I would have spent weeding last year I am going out and doing stuff with Garet this year. We were supposed to go out tonight, but my stomach was BAD today, so I called in sick on our date. I do feel a little better now, so maybe I will go sit on the lawn and weed for a while. Family of origin life is frustrating. Mom and Dad ARE getting an apartment. Supposedly they can move in any time after July 9. I have been up to Lafayette the past two weekends working on the house and trying to work to get things sorted out and ready. It is like an impossible task. If I knew how to spell Sisyphean (thanks spell check) that's what I would call it. I am taking Friday off work to go up again and make sure all the paperwork is in place and work some more.

I am going to upload just a few pictures in the next post to summarize the past couple of weeks. A couple may be repeats of the day at Garet's parent's house because I'd like to show them rotated.

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