Monday, June 14, 2010

I met the dogs.

There was one whose temperament I liked - Hank, a yellow Lab. I can certainly do without the rest. They all smelled very doggish and it was even really difficult for me to eat a really tasty, saucy, meaty lasagna - my favorite kind. I just kept smelling doggy dog dog. The property is beautiful, however. They have a lake with one family of geese. I kept hearing a bullfrog, lots of birds. We ate at a picnic table under a tree near the lake. I took a few pictures. I will try to post them soon. Garet has the card out of my camera because he wanted to pull some of the pictures off to make a disc.

We've been having lots of storms here. Many trees in our area have lost significantly sized limbs - none of ours yet. I've had to go fetch Michael a couple of times because he has gone somewhere on the bike and then the storms come. I don't care if he rides in the rain, but the lightning and winds are very dangerous.

Karra (his prom date) celebrated her 18th birthday over the weekend. He MADE her a book, binding the pages, sewing the cover, everything. The pages were filled with his poetry, which I did not get to read. My goodness, if he is this amazing and romantic at 18 what in the world is he going to be doing later in life?

Too bad Garet is not that kind of romantic. I love him, but a woman can use a little romance every once in a while!

It's late. I'm nowhere toward the end of the list. Tonight is another lesson that perfection is not attainable and that I can accept and love myself anyway...breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

Good night!


Deb said...

I smiled, reading this, Hopie. Does it help you want an indoor poodle? :D

Well, this dogless chica is off to put out the going-to-the-recyle-place-stuff, grab my running shoes to ready myself for another o'dark o'clock trip around the boulevards with my husband...

Quilt or Dye said...

Garet's dogs?

Hope said...

His parents dogs out at their place. We have avoided me going out there until now because of my feelings about the dogs, but the time had to come.