Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo post #1 Michael's graduation Open House.

Part of the display I made for the Open House - I did the same thing for Emily, only themed a little differently. I enjoyed doing this.
Oops! I rotated this one when I shouldn't have, now I can't get it to delete!
Cindy Kvale, solar bike coach, physics teacher, Science Olympiad coach.
She was a MAJOR good influence for Michael all through high school - oh! Also sponsors the backpacking club. I think she has traveled with Michael more in his lifetime than I have! Ian, Heather's boyfriend, and my sweet Garet.
More of the display. The important part of this one is the picture on the right of Heather teaching Michael at such a young age how to salt slugs. We're all about organic pest control around here! On the left demonstrates how early the bike thing started. See the blue and yellow tricycle - that's the one that got the first emergency room visit with five stitches!
A plaque Ms. Gouker (orchestra director/teacher extraordinaire)
gave Michael along with his special award.
Had to feature the honors night photo. Garet took this one.
He brought his good camera and took good pictures for me that night. He also took more formal pictures of people at the Open House. I need to find the disc and I will load some of them later.
Orchestra award.
I had to get this cool sticker for the display, of course!
The entire thing.
The result of several years of winning Science Olympiad competitions,
as well as a big fat college scholarship.
My brother Chris at the party.
Michael and Miko, Chris's daughter.
She is not only beautiful, she is a genius like Emily and Michael.
Michael and Karra.
We only have the best quality entertainment at our parties.
Mom, Michael's OTHER Uncle Chris (Ault), cousin Jade Ault, Dad, and the back of Karra's head.
Debbie, Miko and Leandra. Debbie and I met while working at the bank and Leandra and Michael went to preschool together. Now we live in the same neighborhood.
I love having friendships that last a long time.
Heather and Miko.

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