Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phot Post #4 "Decadent Garden Party."

The men of the garden party.
Stephanie and Renee.
Julia and??? braided Priscilla's hair. Pri was decked out in Brazil's colors because of the world cup - that's her land of origin.
??? and Julia.
Chilled peach soup with fresh flower garnish. I could only taste one bite - allergic to fresh peaches! I could really taste flowers in the soup as well!
Lime basil sorbet.
Grilled portabello mushrooms and fettuccine in cream sauce with truffle oil.
I meant to take a picture of every dish, but I was so busy enjoying them I forgot!

This party takes place every year and this was my first year to be invited. I went with my friend Debby, (Not of Debbie and Leandra, but ANOTHER Debby with whom I have been friends for 25 years!). Garet was in Canada hanging out in a cabin on an island without me! Everybody dresses nicely or maybe eccentrically, and each guest brings a bottle of wine. I took a bottle of wine, but I also took a lovely bottle of imported French lemonade, which I drank - still not into the wine thing. David Ernst (and now Priscilla, whom he married), hosts this party. It began at 6:00. Each course is prepared and served separately with lots of conversation and wine drinking in between. Dinner was not over until midnight! It is definitely what is termed "slow food" these days. It was wonderful food, good company and just all around a nice time. Some others are starting to post their pictures on Facebook. If I see some good ones I will try to repost them here.

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