Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A day on the farm.

Our nice lunch under the tree. Judy and I were looking at pictures.
It won't let me rotate this - I think because I took it off Garet's disc instead of downloading it from the camera myself. It says it is a "write only" image. This is the view of the pond from the picnic table. The geese are lovely when swimming, but when you walk around you have to watch for limy, slippery goose poop!
Three of the five - Sugar, the Pit, actually has a nice calm temperament. I think I am partial to pit bulls, even though I would NEVER have them around children.
Garet cuddling one of the barn kitties. Most of them don't have names. This one does, but I can't remember it.
I wonder what she said that made me get this funny expression!
I hated this dog. It jumped up on me first thing when we arrived. I acted GRACIOUSLY, however, as Gillian has been instructing me, and did NOT swear or kick it.

I mowed a large part of the yard tonight. The first time mowing since the sprained ankle. It's telling me ALL about it right now. The part that hurts the worst is at the base of the toes where it ended up with small, but deep bruising. I wonder if I did break some small bone in there because it is certainly complaining now! It may be another ice and ibuprofen night for my footsie.

Had a talk with Michael. I have been very annoyed with him since school let out. He does all the tasks only halfway, and hasn't really tried to find a job, and is just driving me crazy. He says he is depressed and actually wants me to make an appt. for him. He had mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot because I am a bad mother. I will remember tomorrow.

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