Sunday, February 7, 2010

Watching football, for real.

and y'all (tip o' the hat to the Saints) will be proud of me. I left the house again today - SECOND day in a row. I didn't just leave the house. I went to a PARTY. Michael and I went to Ms. G's Super Bowl party and stayed until after halftime. Then we had to leave because Michael has to go to bed by 9:00. I made some food to take, ate plenty, talked and socialized and acted like a normal person. I did not take any anti-anxiety drugs before, during or after. I did develop another POUNDING headache while we were there. I am sure it was due to the presence and interaction of the dog and a three year old girl. I was prepared to handle Shadow. We kind of have an understanding about each other, having interacted enough. (Ah-oh, the Saints just got ahead!) The little girl, however, everything she did, her mom and grandma yelled and criticized and scolded, then Jane (aka Ms. G) scolded the dog... finally I took some Excedrine. I hope it kicks in soon because I am freaking miserable right now. I am glad Michael needed to leave because I had to get away from that.

I totally HAVE to go to work tomorrow or I can't go back without a dr's release. I am totally planning ahead tonight. I parked in the garage so I won't have to scrape windows . I am going to shower tonight. I am going to plan what I am going to wear and make sure it is ready. Hell, I may sleep in my clothes! I don't iron anyway!

I found a new (old) singer to research - Nina Simone. The song I heard today was "Honey put your sugar in my Sugar Bowl." I can't wait to find more!

I really don't care about football, but I hate to see Peyton cry.

More tomorrow.

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