Saturday, February 6, 2010


I did stay home again counter to Hannah's advice. I needed to wallow a little more, I think. Michael also had a snow day, which turned out to be a rain day. Sheesh. They have to make these up at the end of the school year. The good part of that was that he went out and ran some errands and I did get some time alone. One of the tax refunds came so I called and paid a couple of medical bills over the phone that were way past due. He also went and bought a new helmet and got a good deal. We had bought him one pretty much right before the Japan trip and the box that it was shipped back in was damaged so basically he has been using an iffy helmet since August and I hate that. I worked some on my crap - mean craft closet today, but it made my head hurt some more so that was a poor choice physically although mentally it did make me feel better.

Tomorrow I have no choice but to leave the house to take Michael and cello to solo ensemble. I will probably take a book and stay in the library the entire time where it is basically one performance after another, then nobody can talk to me. If the storm doesn't come tomorrow and my head doesn't hurt I may try to go out, really out. I'm not making any promises. Eric told me he found a new karaoke place I can try, but in it's in the next town over which allows smoking and with the way the head has been that's a questionable thing. We'll see.

Okay off to bed. I'll report back sometime. Good news is, I am more functioning, I think, even though I didn't go to work. Maybe I am pulling out of it. A couple of days under our full spectrum lights may have helped.

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