Monday, February 1, 2010

It's been a while.

I have still been sleeping a lot and at strange hours.

I go in the morning to get some blood drawn and one of the tests will be thyroid, but my history has always been that thyroid has been normal. I am fasting, and I am making goodies. It's hard to do! I hate to put it in writing , but I do lick my fingers once in a while when I make goodies. Of course I wash my hands afterward. That is one reason my hands look like the hands of a seventy year old!
Also I am making something I have never made before so I won't get to taste it one bit before I take it to work!

Today is Gillian's 50th birthday and I didn't get to make a card or gift for her so I at least hope the goodies turn out nice. She is very difficult to get presents for. She is trying to not acquire clutter so it has to be something especially useful or meaningful to her. Smelly stuff makes her sick so I can't make her bath salts or soap. I kind of buy her little gifts frequently anyway, so I shouldn't worry, but it seems like fifty is such a special birthday that I should have done something. Maybe after the lab I can stop and find some silly little useful thing. I buy her boxes of tissues for work, and pens, and I bought her some arnica ointment and I try to make sure she has Cheetos when she needs them, that kind of thing.... Last year she still had her Christmas tree up so I made Valentine's ornaments for her Christmas tree!

When I drove up to get Michael today I saw ELEVEN hawks in the trees. I think it's the first time I've ever gone into double digits. Cool.

I made my goal of 300 minutes of movement in January. I actually beat it by two minutes! February is 400 - that's an average of twenty minutes a day, five times a week. If I can do 300 in January as sick and as sleepy as I have been, surely I can make February if I can get to feeling better, right? My goal I did not achieve is logging my foods. I don't think I successfully completed one full day of logging. I tried doing it on fitday and I tried doing it on paper. Maybe I need to get out the forms I have from the dietitian and start using those.

I am unachieving my bed by midnight goal to blog and I still have to finish the treats so I need to go.



Quilt or Dye said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Being tired all of the time is soooo very boring.

When Floyd turned 50 I had his kids give him 50 things. You might give your friend--50 pennies, 50 paperclips, 50 sticks of gum, 50 favorite words, 50 whatever to commemorate her special birthday.

KAT said...

Good luck with the thyroid test. Don't follow my footsteps there.