Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad/ Happy

Michael just came in and said, "I have really bad breath no matter what I do." "Have you been cooking with more garlic and onions since you've been home from school"
"Have you brushed and rinsed and flossed and everything like you should?"
"Go get the flashlight and look in your throat."
"It's hard to tell if there's something in there or if it's food gunk."
"Go gargle with saltwater and look again."
"It looks the same."
"Bring me the flashlight"
Yep - right tonsil one big pus pocket on bottom, one on top. So I will go to work at eight and start calling for a dr. appt. as soon as they open/ Because my children are driving impaired I will have to leave sometime and take him to the dr.
He needs to get on antibiotics ASAP so he will have been on 24 hrs by Saturday because it is Science Olympiad regionals and he is like MVP for the SO team. I wonder if any of our CVSs have those walk-in clinics if I can't get an early appt. I may look online and see. Argh. They probably don't do insurance and I will have to pay $100 for a strep test. Sigh...

Wants to be anonymous donor is giving me and Michael a completely new computer. Said person was worried about me doing the business without computer and is absolutely right. I think every order I have taken has come by email unless it is someone I see at work. Thanks, anonymous.

Deb was right. Santa delivers.

Also at work today Gill was writing thigs to put under her pillow to dream they would happen and come true. I asked could she add a new computer in there for me and she wrote it on a slip. I pulled down my "Dream" magnet and told her to put it up at work where she could see it. I pulled down my "believe" magnet and put it up where I could see it. Honestly, within the next 10 minutes was when the email arrived that the computer had been purchased and is being shipped. I feel almost like it's not fair that I should be gifted so generously, but I am going to learn to just graciously say thank you, hope that I can find a person who needs the still-usable parts of this computer (well, when I say this computer I mean the monitor and keyboard, the actual computer part I am using is Katie's and will be returned) and gift them, and gift on when I am the one who is able.

I must make candy tonight. it's hard to bear, but somebody has to do it.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Me next... I need a mini lap top that has a good Wifi connection... dream and believe for me too!
Oh, and the money to pay for meds and all of that.

Amber said...

YAY!!! That is awesome. These last few months have been some of the hardest months of my life. At the same time I have been overwhelmed again and again at the generosity of people around us who apparently love us. ;)

Good luck on doctor stuff.