Saturday, November 30, 2013


Last night I worked at the shelter and one of the guests coughed his pneumonia cough all over me and I remembered the time I was SO SICK with pneumonia and I have been thinking about that today, as well as other times I was sick and my friends helped me so much. I can't imagine how awful it must be to be that sick and have to stay out in the cold, mostly standing, until the shelter opens at 9:00. I tried to talk to Keith about it a little bit tonight, but I was going to weep copiously if I talked about it too much. 
Today I have thought about what it would mean to be sick or have health problems or issues and have no bed to go home to and no one to take care of you. I remember so many times my friends have helped me. Once Whryne brought magic soup to me and actually had to feed it to me. I really think I might have died if she hadn't done that. Debra Garrison came to see me in the hospital after a surgery and I didn't start to recover until she came. Deanna sat with me while I was in labor and had no other support. Samuel and Christine supported me so much during my first pregnancy... I mention the physical support, but the emotional support was and is always present in my life. J. Todd and Missy Too have been my online support more than they might know or remember. So many have helped me when I was suffering chronic pain and anxiety and fatigue they can't even be named. Through those incidents I have survived and every day I thrive because of the love of my friends. Thank you to you all and also to my friends through the heartnet who aren't here on Facebook. That's gratitude.
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  • Hope E Golightly Scarlett, Christine, Erin, Kim, Kathy, Ken, Byron, Kathy, Cetti, Carol, Jim, Laura, so basically, I am starting to list all 200 of you!I love my friends!
  • Whryne Rasheed Oh Hopie I don't even remember doing that! I was just thinking the other day about being surrounded by such love, support and comfort. Last year when I was sick YOU brought Me food and Sandy made me my favorite soup even though she thought it was gro...See More
  • Hope E Golightly Oh man! I just remembered when I was losing my mind trying to put up a Christmas tree and Eric came right over and helped me! Haha! I was seriously on the verge of a breakdown.... and how Christy and Steve helped me through my first couple of Thanksgiving Days without my children...and taught me to not serve canned cranberry sauce still shaped like the can!
  • Hope E Golightly Whryne don't we have beautiful f***ing lives?
  • Connie Chamberlin Farish Oh Hope, I never though of that. I remember this year how sick I was, and how my bed was turned down and favorite pajamas warmed up in the dryer for me as I returned from chemo. The smallest things meant the world to me. My daughters took great care of me, and still felt they were not doing anything to help me. I wish I could make them understand how much they DID do by being by my side.
  • Hope E Golightly Oh man... once I went to Lisa's to help when she was pregnant and I got a debilitating migraine and SHE took care of me! Thank you, Lisa!

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