Thursday, January 23, 2014

Uberlisting again


1) Participate in intentional physical activity at least three times each week. - Log this more carefully in calendar the way I used to (set a monthly movement goal)
2) Drink at least three glasses of water daily.
3) Eat at least three servings of vegetables daily
4) No soda at home.
5) Use lotion more regularly.
6) Stretch at my desk at least twice daily.
7) Use my dumbbells or stretch when I watch television or movies - at least twenty reps.
8) Test my fasting sugar at least three times per week and LOG IT
9) Read one motivational health-related book.
10) Get a mammogram
11) Log my foods at least twice a month on Fit Day or My Fitness Pal.
12) See Dr. Weiler and get a Pap smear and stuff.
13) Get a massage.
14) Participate in the wellness programs through work insurance.
15) Get a flu shot
16) See doctor and get labs and medicine adjustments
17) See doctor for follow-up check
18) Take supplements regularly


19) Reorganize the shelf above the washer.
20) Organize a real med box/first aid kit.
21) Use my sessions with the Clutter Wrangler, Try to get permanent systems in place.
22) Get rid of twenty books I will never read again.
23) Get a window covering for kitchen window or design something artistic for the space.
24) Clean out the coat closet.
25) Clean out the car extremely well at least once.
26) Finish painting the bathroom and install decorative accents.
27) Clean the carpet in my room.
28) Clean my bedroom closet.
29) Label garage shelves and organize.
30) Get the garage door opener repaired or replaced.
31) Get the gutters cleaned out
32) Touch up wall paint in living room or repaint.
33) Get the oil changed in the car
34) Organize craft supplies - get rid of excess.
35) Get an earring hanger.
36) Get Hello Kitty decal on car.
37) Install seat cover in car.
38) Get appraisals and sell or donate Rothmuller items
39) Get TV and electronics properly installed in Family room

40) Read at least thirty books and log in Goodreads. 
41) Three of those should be books from Emily’s list of “Must reads” or Stephen King’s list
42) Three of those should be non-fiction or “educational”
43) Three of those should be memoirs
44) Finish the first draft of “The Stone Cold Heart”
45) Knit at least ten hats (or other items) to give away. 
46) Watch two movies off the “must see” list. 
47) Go to a concert, even if I have to pay for tickets
48) Buy a new CD (secondhand counts)
49) Sew something nice for someone.
50) Make a bag or purse.
51) Visit at least one Frank Lloyd Wright building and tour it (Taliesin or in Chicago)
52) Attend at least one play at BPP or IU Theatre or Cardinal
53) Make another valiant attempt to learn to crochet.
54) Attend one IU Auditorium Show or opera
55) Attend at least one of the "One Book" Discussion groups or try another book club
55) Take a class or workshop in something

56) Write five letters or cards
57) Go on a trip all by myself for at least two days.
58) Attend Buffalo Sisters at least three times.
59) Continue work at Interfaith Winter Shelter, Food Bank, and Backpack Buddies
60) Explore Bloomington Community Foundation grants for BB.
61) See two online friends in real life.
62) Take a girl trip with somebody somewhere
63) Take a trip to Jungle Jim's
64) Volunteer at two more orchestra events.
65) Take a special trip for spring break or fall.
66) Go swimming at least three times (recreational)
67) Go camping (FL events count if I sleep outside)
68) Fly a kite.
69) Go to the zoo
70) Make sure to talk to Mom and Dad at least once a month.
71) Send Christmas cards or letter for 2014 actually before the end of the year!
72) See as many fireworks as possible.
73) Try a new venue for karaoke!
74) Volunteer at one "one-time" event such as a run, etc...
75) Go to Mom's and work on apartment at least two times
76) Host at least two parties or gatherings

77) Write Emily a letter at least once
78) Support Michael in his efforts to explore possible locations and jobs.

79) Complete my taxes by February 15th.
80) Keep checkbook balanced.
81) Present three new revenue producing or creative ideas at work.

82) Make fondue again
83) Work on whole grain biscotti recipe

84) Get rolls of film in drawer developed.
85) Attend UU or Unity at least four times - one should be a Sunday!

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