Saturday, May 24, 2014

Uberlist follow up

LOOK AT NUMBER 51!! I went all the way to Arizona and went to Taliesin West. I'm really glad my sister-in-law got married and I went. It helped me achieve a goal! Woo hoo! I will also count my attendance at the O'Bannon institute as a class/workshop, I have tickets to go see "The Last Ship" in Chicago with Emily, I bought several new CDs, I've been knitting, I have a plan for what my sewing gift will be (and might do it this weekend). I'm rocking the Uberlist 2014 so far! (at least this section)

40) Read at least thirty books and log in Goodreads.
41) Three of those should be books from Emily’s list of “Must reads” or Stephen King’s list
42) Three of those should be non-fiction or “educational”
43) Three of those should be memoirs
44) Finish the first draft of “The Stone Cold Heart”
45) Knit at least ten hats (or other items) to give away.
46) Watch two movies off the “must see” list.
47) Go to a concert, even if I have to pay for tickets
48) Buy a new CD (secondhand counts)
49) Sew something nice for someone.
50) Make a bag or purse.
51) Visit at least one Frank Lloyd Wright building and tour it (Taliesin or in Chicago)
52) Attend at least one play at BPP or IU Theatre or Cardinal
53) Make another valiant attempt to learn to crochet.
54) Attend one IU Auditorium Show or opera
55) Attend at least one of the "One Book" Discussion groups or try another book club
55) Take a class or workshop in so

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