Thursday, November 14, 2013

Movie/ Stuff

I finally received the check in payment for the Escort today and I called the car dealership and told them they could cash my down payment check. Phew! One burden off my mind.

I had to call Cooper the handyman and tell him I cannot afford to pay him for the lock changing. He was really very nice and told me as long as I pay it by Dec. 31 for he can close his books for the year I am okay. I really appreciate his flexibility!

I went to the movies right after work because it is only $5 before 6:00. I saw Gravity. It was very intense and I enjoyed it. I would have liked to have company for that one so I could have had a hand to hold.

I am going to Carmel to visit Lisa and family this weekend. I haven't seen the babies for too long. I hope they remember me! When I come back Sunday evening I will work my first shift at the Interfaith Winter Shelter. I am nervous about it, but really anxious to do something I believe is good and helpful for people.

I read this blog
earlier this week and I picked up this from the rend.

May I be free from fear and anxiety
May I be at ease.
May I be happy.

I called it a mantra or thought sequence I told this to Gillian today and she took it a little further.

I am free from fear and anxiety.
I am at ease.
I am happy.


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