Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Better day

I accomplished two major paperwork portions of the recovery from the past couple months. I sent my payment for the deferred judgment on the alleged running of the stop sign. Almost $200, when I really did NOT run a stop sign. I have no way to prove, however, that I did not.

I called the insurer of the guy who hit me and straightened out that they need to send the money NOW. The guy said they would FedEx it tomorrow and I should receive it by Thursday.

On the other end of the spectrum Dave Cooper, the handyman who changed all my locks because of the Eric fiasco called and wants his $407. He always gives 60 days to pay and I have ALWAYS paid him on time, even when it was thousands of dollars to roof the entire house. Ugh. I will have to call him tomorrow - I didn't get his voice mail until after 8:00 and he doesn't take calls after that - and ask for grace.

So two things accomplished, but still no idea where the funds for the other will come from...

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