Sunday, November 24, 2013


I have a terrible cold, which started about Tuesday. It has been at its peak this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday K. came over and spent time with me. Friday we watched Zoolander, a goofy movie that made him guffaw. Last night we just snuggled... It got a little intense, which scares him. I finally just told him, "just let me love you and don't worry about it." I feel a little bit worried because he hasn't contacted me today, but then Sunday is not always a day we spend together. I am signed up for the set up shift at the Interfaith Winter Shelter and I am feeling well enough to go. It is not really a shift that has direct contact with clients so I don't have to worry about spreading my germs with a bunch of people who don't have health care.

After I move this load of clothes to the dryer I am going to go rest in bed in preparation for the evening shift. It will be hard to go back to work and work a full shift after all this resting and illness. I only work Monday and Tuesday, then I am off Wednesday and Thursday.... Thursday night I have a shelter shift, back to work on Friday and I start my NEW, SECOND JOB after I get off work at the paper on Friday! More on that later.

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