Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Writing Workshop.

I went to a mini writing workshop tonight - a "sampler" offered to let people experiment and see if they want to undertake an entire 13 week session. We did a "fast write" exercise with fifteen minutes to write and it was based on "postcards." One of the choices was to write three postcards, as if they were from the same place, but at different time. My brother Bobby is on my mind today because it would have been his 60th birthday.

Dear Deanna -

Here I am in Utah at Bobby and Karen's house. It's nice to see him and his family living with a fair amount of security, compared to what it was like in the earlier days for their family. All the children are busy and seem to be happy. The house is big, with enough room for everybody. The neighborhood is full of friendly people and church is about three blocks away. Gotta go - the whole crew is going camping and I have to help get ready!

 Dear Deanna -

Back in Utah on another summer vacation We're actually driving down to Arizona to go to the Grand Canyon and hike. The kids are so busy that only Barbara and Angela are coming with us. They are the ones who are nearest to Em & M in age, so I guess it's okay. The rest have jobs or school or lessons they have to stay to do. Karen's not even coming. She's going to stay in Las Vegas to help Amber, who is on bed rest.

Love you!  Hopie

Dear Deanna -

Back in Utah and it's very quiet. Everybody takes turns sitting with Bobby. It's getting to where we listen so carefully, thinking each breath might be the last. Becca and Ang are the only ones who still live here. Everyone else had to drive or fly. It's strange to see the mountains only in the distance and know that Bobby will never take me camping or hiking or skiing again. The family takes so much comfort in their faith. Even though I am not up in the mountains this year I am deep, deep in the wilderness - and all alone this time.

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