Monday, August 13, 2012

I am Camping, right?

Scarlett invited me to go camping this week. I decided that even though I have to work I would go spend the evenings with her at the campground at Paynetown State Recreation Area. Last night after dinner at the park I came home and got my tent and went out there. Scarlett helped me put up the tent because it is a big one. I can't sleep in hers because she suffers multiple chemical sensitivities and my stuff has all been washed in regular detergent and fabric softener. We sat outside at the picnic table and talked for quite a while. We really had some catching up to do and it was SO nice. It was supposed to rain, but it never got more than a light sprinkle so it was fine. We decided to go to bed maybe 10:30 or so, which is early for me, but I REALLY needed it after baking, market, canning tomatoes, dinner at the park, etc... Well, it turned out my old body no longer likes sleeping on the ground. It felt so hard, and my fat is not distributed evenly, so I have bony edges right where they hurt. I really got very little sleep and my mind was even keeping track of time. Then there were people walking around our campsite, then there were people setting up camp next door, people with dogs, loud people with dogs. I felt like my body had been keeping track of time. I told myself, it could be 12:30 even though it feels like 3:30. I finally gave up and looked at my phone. It was 3:28. Sigh. I gave up. I got up and found my shoes and tiptoed (unnecessarily) over to Scarlett's tent. "Scarlett."(whispered, unnecessarily), "I'm driving into town for peace and quiet!" She completely understood. I tried at first to drive over to a parking lot by a boat ramp and tried to sleep there. It didn't work so around 4:30 I headed toward town, arrived home about 5:00 and came in and slept until about 7:30, then got up and went to work.

Tonight there were storms forecast and Scarlett didn't want to camp in that spot if it were lightning because it's under four tall trees. I'm home tonight. I hope to go out and sleep Tuesday night, then Wednesday after work I will have to go take down the tent and then I have a writing workshop "sampler" at 7:00. So tonight I need to sleep, slee-eep. sleeeee-eeeeep! I've already taken one "Calms Forte" and  I'm going to get sleepy no matter what!

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