Saturday, August 11, 2012

Market Day...

I took the same stuff to the market this week that I did last week. The market was super slow today, so I didn't sell very much stuff.

Today was so nice! I've done so many things I love in the past 24 hours.  Last night I baked, packaged and labeled. Today I went to the market. The story reading lady didn't show up for stories under the big oak tree. I ended up reading 3 books to some children. I came home with a cantaloupe and 25 pounds of tomatoes from the Amish farmer, Amos, next to me. I took a nap. I sat and played my new penny whistle for a long time. I drove Michael and Ross out to the national forest to camp. I came home and started canning. My first batch is 5 pints and they are processing in the water bath right now.

The Blue Book says tomatoes have to process for an hour and 25 minutes, so all these times I have made and canned spaghetti sauce I guess I am lucky we haven't gotten botulism. I've really, really cheated on those by not knowing what I was doing! So badly that I don't want to put it in writing! All I will say is I am glad I finally decided to read. :)  I just took them out and they look funny. I think I am going to go to YouTube and see if there is a video.

I kind of want to do another batch tonight, but then I will end up staying up too late. More tomorrow.

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