Thursday, August 2, 2012

Daily Challenge

Today's Daily Challenge is a writing challenge. It feels difficult to me, I wonder how it feels to people who don't enjoy writing or don't write well. The challenge is to spend five minutes writing about something that is a stressor. I'm going to go for the very short term - right now cleaning my kitchen is a complete stressor to me. I have let it go so often lately. I've committed to have a table at the Smithville Farmers' Market this Saturday. In order to bake cleanly I need to completely clean my kitchen and do the floors. I am overwhelmed. I think that my feelings are also based on the bigger picture. If I make a commitment to sell at the market each week, it will have to push Food Not Bombs to the side both time-wise and energy-wise. I feel very committed to that work, yet I need to get the income and get exposure for Hope's Homemades. I guess one thing I can do to blend the two is take any leftovers to the park. I'm working to find a cooking facility for the weeks we cannot use Banneker Center and if that would come to fruition that would be a big contribution.

Deciding where to spend my energy and my time is difficult. I wish I didn't need money. I'm also pretty committed to my capitalistic lifestyle! I love my house and my "stuff" way too much to risk losing it. Sigh.


Deb said...

My unsolicited vote is for capitalistic stuff, i.e., home. It's where your business grew roots in thought and the place you will need as central to continue that dream. It provides you with comfort, respite, electricity--as among the tools needed to move forward.

As your business grows (from your capitalistic home base--and cooking stuff), you'll be in a greater place to lend a helping share.

First things first. The foundation. My vote.

...said it was unsolicited. Wink.

Hope said...

Duly noted. I went to the market and sold nearly everything I took. For FNB I just made a nice cucumber salad from cucumbers from the food bank. I also purchased some plastic plates and mega clearance and decided I will volunteer to wash the dishes after dinner each week. It's time consuming, but will save a lot of money we've all pitched in over and over from our own pockets, and help mother earth a little bit each week.