Monday, April 19, 2010

Shiny Happy People...

I DID just come from Atlanta, close to Athens, home of REM (and the Stump family!) and I have been thinking tonight of shiny happy people because my copper bottomed pots are not shiny and happy right now. I am trying to give up the OCD thing and be sure to go to bed by midnight and I am doing much better at it. One of the things that has gradually passed away, however, has been shining my copper-bottomed pots. I have three of them that I took from my mother because they had too many pots and pans. When I took them I promised to use them, to display them, and to keep them pretty to honor them. I went from shining them every time I used them to about every other time, to less frequently.... to NOW.

I am really frustrated tonight because the combination of trying to get more sleep, more intentional movement, start reading more often again has left me with less time for the maintenance of physical surroundings. It sounds silly, but having those things in order really helps me feel emotionally calmer and more at peace. I know a person is not supposed to have emotional connections to housekeeping, but I DO. It may be sick, but there it is. I need to find balance. balance. balance. It's pumpkin time and I am going to go to bed, but I had to express this.

This reminds me that I found part two of a gift for Amber I have been seeking for around TWO YEARS or something. I never remailed their holiday letter (WITH accompanying picture!) after it was returned from me mailing it to the wrong address, so if I can get my act together soon, I can't wait to get this to her. She's going to LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Pumpkin time and I think I need to call call Garet and whisper sweet nothings in his ear before I go to sleep. He's probably still at the office editing pictures. Seriously.


Amber said...

I hope you're talking about me Amber. Also- big stuff coming up. I've got three cakes this weekend (one is two cakes for the same person) and one is going to be on TV!! I filed business stuff with the State tonight. I'm going to be official shortly. (woo!)

Hannah said...

I'm curious too.

Hope said...

I'll keep working on it. I promise. I will put the next step on my list tonight.