Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just watched a movie

"Dakota Skye" Two thumbs up!

On my own tonight. Michael B is backpacking and Garet is taking race track pictures again (probably editing and stuff by now). He had to work all day today. :( He will come over tomorrow for a while. Michael is going to get home about 11:30. If I get up in time I plan to go to church at 11:15. I told Michael if he calls and I don't answer he can just backpack his ass home! It's only 3 miles.

Oops. Just found my Census. No wonder I couldn't remember if I mailed it in. Did I commit a felony? will I have to change my answer on job applications now? I'll mail it Monday and see if they come after me.

Seventeen minutes until pumpkin time. I'd better go take my medicine and get one last drink of water.

P.S. I got a free massage today. Yay! Thanks, Kathy!

P.P. S. Both of Garet's photos he entered passed the jury and will be exhibited in the School of Fine Arts Gallery.

P.P.P. S. I finally got all the dishes caught up. I rock. I roll. I sing the blues like I got nothin' left to lose.

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Deb said...

Yes, you rock.

So there! ;)